The time has come!


Many of you may be preparing to move out of your current college dorm/apartment and moving onto bigger and better places, congratulations!  We totally understand that moving is a pain in the butt, been there, done that.  Luckily, here in Gainesville we have some amazing apartments that you can call home once you’re all unpacked and settled.

Once you’ve secured a moving truck or your buddy and his pick-up, searched high and low for cardboard boxes, and come to terms with the change, you’ve still got some ways to go.

Whether moving in or moving out, working smarter and not harder is always a goal!

Moving doesn’t always have to be a stress, so we’ve added 5 favorite tips for a smooth move to make this transition a breeze!

Check them out!


What are your tips for a smooth move?


Shopping for a new home can be difficult, let us help! Tell us what you want and we will show you the best communities in Gainesville.

Check us out and find your home today!

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