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Are you prepared for roommates?  Sure, if you plan to bunk with your friends from back home, perhaps the quirks of living with them will not be as surprising.  But what about bonding with roommates you never met prior to walking into your new home and seeing them unpacking in the bedroom next to you?

For many, the idea of living with roommates is exciting; for others, an anxiety attack waiting to happen.

So how do you prepare to meet your new roomies and bond for life?  

Check out our tips for creating a lasting bond with your new roomies!


Ask Questions! – Are they a night owl?  Do they like to have parties or lots of people over? Do they cook?  Clean?  Do they like to walk around in their underwear?  These are all important details to note upon meeting!


Understand that you don’t HAVE to be BFF with your roomie(s), but you should always be kind & cordial – Not every person that you meet is destined to become your lifelong bestie, even the great people that you share your living space with.  Not being best friends does not mean that you can’t have a wonderful living experience together!  Focus on being the best roomie possible while you’re at home. 🙂


If you do get along well, spend time with your roommate(s)! – Bonding time with your roomie is great for your relationship!  Whether it’s Netflix binge-watching at home or experiencing the city together, building that relationship with your roommate can make life so much sweeter!  Being friends with your roomie may allow better communication, understanding, and interactions in your home.


Decorate your common area space together – Don’t assume that because you love hot pink and Marilyn Monroe that your roommate will.  If you can avoid buying new decor pieces for your common area spaces, do so.  You and your roomie(s) will all equally share that space, so be courteous and don’t assume that your life-size Drake poster belongs in the dining area.


Establish ground rules early on with healthy discussion – Will you all take turns washing dishes?  Do you plan on sharing your groceries or is it every man for himself? Talking this over sooner than later can possibly curb disagreements in the future, as you always want to be kind and courteous to your roommates.  Discuss creating a Roommate Contract that is kept where everyone can see it on a daily basis.


Discuss guests early on! – Yes, we covered asking questions previously as well as establishing ground rules, but when it comes to guests, issues may arise.  Being out on your own now, you may want to have guests over.  Although you may feel that you don’t need to tell your roommate, but give them a heads up and ask your guest to be courteous.  (Can you imagine bumping into a stranger digging through your fridge at midnight and it’s your roommate’s BF? Yikes!)


Respect your roomies’ space and personal items!Yes, that includes food.  Ever leave leftovers in the fridge, fantasize about them all day, only to return home and you see the empty container in the trash and a satisfied look on the face of someone else?  We have.  Don’t be that person, these are your not annoying siblings back at home.  Understand that your roommates’ food, bedroom, and personal belongings are all off-limits unless you have prior approval from them.  Borrowing clothes, even phone chargers, may be more intrusive to another than it is to ourselves, be mindful!


Clean up behind yourself and your guests! – This should go without saying right?  No matter how you like to keep your personal bedroom and bathroom, never assume that it’s acceptable to leave the common areas a mess.  It’s unfair to have one roomie making a mess and the other has no choice but to clean up behind him/her.  This takes us back to asking your new roomie questions about their lifestyle.  Are you super neat and they consider themselves messy? Establish guidelines regarding cleaning early on.  Since you love your apartment super clean and he/she is not as concerned about cleanliness but they’re a great cook, maybe the compromise is that you clean daily and they cook the meals!


Communicate! – If you’re having an issue with your roommates, don’t hold it in and expect for them to read your mind; speak up!  It’s quite possible that they are unaware of the issue, and if you bring it up nicely, you can have the opportunity to respectfully discuss them together.  There is nothing worse than beefing with your roomies or having tension in the apartment!  Skip that by working on great communication with your roomies that won’t have you scrambling to apologize for what you said down the line.


Compromise! – Communication without compromise is senseless!  Everything won’t always go your way or your roommate’s way, so understanding compromise is key when having roommates. Taking the time to discuss the issues at hand, listening to all sides and coming to a conclusion that is best for ALL in the home is vital to the success of a happy living experience!


What are your tips for Roomie Bliss?


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