Bills, Bills, Bills!


It seems like every time you pay one, another somehow magically appears to put a damper on your wallet.  When it comes to living in an apartment in Gainesville you may have a host of various housing bills that come at you every month, wouldn’t it be nice to save some cash?  Water and electricity are modern-day necessities for many of us, but they can truly add up!  Here are a few tips to help keep your utility bill at a reasonable cost this season!


    • Set your thermostat fan switch to “AUTO” to conserve energy, as leaving it “ON” will result in the fan to continue to run.


    • Regularly replace or clean your air conditioner filters as needed.  Filters can easily clog and will block the flow of air and decrease efficiency.


    • Unplug chargers and other electronic devices when not in use.  Although you may not be utilizing it at the moment, power will continue to be supplied to the device.


    • Don’t overload your power strips!  Be certain to check safety ratings to ensure that your power strip is not used beyond its limits.


    • Purchasing new electronics for your apartment? Look for Energy-Star labeled devices as they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and several other pollutants that result in savings via rates and energy usage.


    • If you note a leak in your apartment, be certain to bring attention to it ASAP as leaks result in increased water bills!


    • Keep your blinds, windows and curtains closed when possible to retain cool/heat.



What are your tips for saving big bucks on your utility bill?

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