With those pesky finals souring our mood it may be easy to forget why the holidays are so amazing. However, I have taken it upon myself to provide the best five reasons why we should embrace that holiday cheer even and never, ever, stop loving the holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,  Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year!



The End is Nigh.

Turn on your cars and pack your bags. It is almost time for three weeks of nothing but doing nothing. Remember that Netflix subscription you had? You can finally start using it again. Put on your sweatpants and hoodie, pop some popcorn and get ready to let all the cramming you have done in the last three weeks flow out of your brain. Replace all that information with valuable things, like where is the nearest Holiday Parade and what is Merideth Gray up to now on Grey’s Anatomy!





Holiday Spirit!

The heavenly smell of pine. The beautiful green monstrosities that pass for trees with lights so bright you need sunglasses. Wreaths on every door. Hot chocolate everywhere! Mariah Carey, “All I Want for Christmas” is on the charts again. Polar Express and all the other classics are on every channel all the time. People laugh more, smile more, and give more. There are carolers and mistletoe and all of this proves Andy Williams was right, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!”




Winter Fits

Okay, but, how cute are winter clothes? Florida, with its cold but not too cold weather, give you the perfect temperature to wear the most stylish winter outfits you can find. That knitted sweater, paired with some leggings, throw in a scarf tied in some intricate knot, with a beanie, and your Ugg boots and you have a fit made for the runway. Not only are you looking spiffy but it’s like you’re constantly walking around in a warm blanket and you’re not hot!




Shopping Time!

The holidays were made for us shopaholics. The holidays are the perfect excuse to splurge a little on your loved ones and don’t forget yourself. True, most of us are broke college kids, but we can take a break from that during the holidays. At the very least, we can go window shopping or just to revel in the energy in the stores during this time of the year. There is so much excitement to find the perfect gift and to buy it before it sells out, that is the energy that us shopaholics feed on.





New Year, New Me!

The holiday season concludes with one of the best celebrations, New Years! It literally ends with a BANG! New Year celebrations mean fireworks and the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop. It means it’s time to post “New Year, New Me,” and make your resolutions. Celebrating the end of the year makes you feel like you are closing a chapter of your life and you get to start all over. It feels like new beginnings or, better said, like closing all your tabs after doing a long report. It means you have a whole new set of 365 days to have new experiences and grow. For many New Year is not even a holiday, but I say New Year’s is one more reason to love the holiday season!

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