Four Local Gainesville Cafes You Should Know About!

Calling all Gainesville Coffee Lovers!


Gainesville is a great hub buzzing with many local businesses but we’re here to highlight some of the best local cafes for you gators to check out!

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Wyatt’s is the one stop shop for all thing’s coffee in Gainesville.  Proudly brewing fresh coffee on the daily to fuel busy students like you. But they don’t stop there, pair your coffee with their delicious pastries for the ultimate combo. It’s no secret why Wyatt’s is a fan favorite among students from it’s aesthetically pleasing ambiance to its great downtown Gainesville location. Next time you are craving some coffee make a pit stop at Wyatt’s and see for yourself why it makes the perfect place to study or relax.


Maude’s Cafe

Another gem located in downtown Gainesville is Maude’s Café. If you’re looking for a cozy, eclectic coffee shop then look no further! Maude’s has undoubtedly created a name for itself by serving killer coffee & treats that has been dominating the coffee scene for several reasons. Get the best of both worlds at Maude! Enjoy the ambiance of their classic café or relax outside on their peaceful patio known as the “Sidecar”. Inside or outside, Maude’s makes for the perfect epicenter for studying, conversation, cocktails, and even musical entertainment. Specializing in both quality coffee and food, Maude’s Café is the newest coffee shop on your bucket list!

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Karma Cream

Whether your vegan, vegetarian or simply health conscious we guarantee Karma Cream won’t disappoint. Karma Cream is a local organic Ice Cream Café! Swing by for a sweet treat of dairy-free ice cream, gluten-free baked goods, vegan desserts and of course their delicious coffee creations. Enjoy the endless options while avoiding all the guilt. Indulge in the finer things in life, such as Karma Cream, we promise you won’t regret it!

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Volta Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

Volta Coffee, Tea & Chocolate offers an array of rotary specialty coffees, teas, handcrafted espresso drinks, and drinking chocolates. Sounds like heaven to me. Since 2008 this local Gainesville café has been sharing its love for the art of coffee by creating the ultimate coffee shop experience just for you. Volta has something for everyone ranging from their divine drinks to decadent pastries. Volta has cultivated the ultimate artsy and creative environment, that will 100% help your Instagram aesthetic. Indulge in Volta and see for yourself why it’s a popular choice for all coffee lovers.


What is your favorite local Cafe?!

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Gator Gameday Outfits!



Whether you’re tailgating with friends and family or heading to fraternity row, here are some tips on how to look your best on gameday!

Gainesville is called “The Swamp” for a reason… There’s always a 95% chance it’s hot and humid.

Staying cool is key to having an enjoyable gameday, but good thing there are lots of options to choose from:

Overalls w/ a tube top

The orange and blue overalls are pretty hard to miss in Gainesville, but simple white or denim overalls work too. Pair that with any tube top—white, blue, orange, even custom “GVILLE” or “Tailgator” designs and you’re good to go!

Cut-up Tees

There is no limit on how creative you can be with a University of Florida Gators T-shirt. You can simply cut the bottom to make a crop top, cut a V-shape into the chest and use lace to tie it together or include a little mesh fabric.

Bandana –> Tube Top

Any blue and orange patterned bandana can easily be tied in the top to make a fun tube-top to pair with shorts or a jean skirt.

Cheer skirt

Slightly different from the cheerleaders on the field, a blue and white cheer skirt is a great way to put a fun twist on a gameday outfit.

Best of all, you can top it all off with a pair of orange and blue sunglasses, temporary tattoos on your cheek, and even a Florida Gators hat!

Happy Tailgating!

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Utility Bill Saving Tips!

Bills, Bills, Bills!


It seems like every time you pay one, another somehow magically appears to put a damper on your wallet.  When it comes to living in an apartment in Gainesville you may have a host of various housing bills that come at you every month, wouldn’t it be nice to save some cash?  Water and electricity are modern-day necessities for many of us, but they can truly add up!  Here are a few tips to help keep your utility bill at a reasonable cost this season!


    • Set your thermostat fan switch to “AUTO” to conserve energy, as leaving it “ON” will result in the fan to continue to run.


    • Regularly replace or clean your air conditioner filters as needed.  Filters can easily clog and will block the flow of air and decrease efficiency.


    • Unplug chargers and other electronic devices when not in use.  Although you may not be utilizing it at the moment, power will continue to be supplied to the device.


    • Don’t overload your power strips!  Be certain to check safety ratings to ensure that your power strip is not used beyond its limits.


    • Purchasing new electronics for your apartment? Look for Energy-Star labeled devices as they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and several other pollutants that result in savings via rates and energy usage.


    • If you note a leak in your apartment, be certain to bring attention to it ASAP as leaks result in increased water bills!


    • Keep your blinds, windows and curtains closed when possible to retain cool/heat.



What are your tips for saving big bucks on your utility bill?

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