Utility Bill Saving Tips!

Bills, Bills, Bills!


It seems like every time you pay one, another somehow magically appears to put a damper on your wallet.  When it comes to living in an apartment in Gainesville you may have a host of various housing bills that come at you every month, wouldn’t it be nice to save some cash?  Water and electricity are modern-day necessities for many of us, but they can truly add up!  Here are a few tips to help keep your utility bill at a reasonable cost this season!


    • Set your thermostat fan switch to “AUTO” to conserve energy, as leaving it “ON” will result in the fan to continue to run.


    • Regularly replace or clean your air conditioner filters as needed.  Filters can easily clog and will block the flow of air and decrease efficiency.


    • Unplug chargers and other electronic devices when not in use.  Although you may not be utilizing it at the moment, power will continue to be supplied to the device.


    • Don’t overload your power strips!  Be certain to check safety ratings to ensure that your power strip is not used beyond its limits.


    • Purchasing new electronics for your apartment? Look for Energy-Star labeled devices as they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and several other pollutants that result in savings via rates and energy usage.


    • If you note a leak in your apartment, be certain to bring attention to it ASAP as leaks result in increased water bills!


    • Keep your blinds, windows and curtains closed when possible to retain cool/heat.



What are your tips for saving big bucks on your utility bill?

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Our favorite Gainesville study spots!


The Fall semester is in full swing here in Gainesville, and we’re hoping that all of you are killing the education game with all of that study time?  Yes? Great!  When it comes to success in college, many graduates can attribute their degrees to a variety of reasons: a loving family, great professors, maybe even a few nights out on the town!  But one thing that we all could use to continue to succeed on campus?

An awesome place to study!

Sure, Smathers and Library West are great, but how many times have you scrambled to grab a study room before another group snags it?  Been stuck sitting next to the kid who decided to crunch his chips as loud as possible or perhaps, you can’t even find parking to get comfy on campus for a cram session?!

No stress!

If you are the lucky resident at any of the following awesome student apartments in Gainesville, you have access to an ideal study space, no matter the semester!

Enjoy a view of the beautiful pool while cramming in the Study Lounge at Lexington Crossing!

Lexington Crossing Apartments


Looking for a little peace and quiet? Lounge while you study at the swanky study area at Gainesville Place

Gainesville Place Apartments

Need to surf the web, type up your paper or handle some printing? Lux 13 has got you handled with their efficient study spot!

Lux 13 Apartments


Living at The Crossing has too many perks to name, but we’ll add in the large study space with room for you and your study group to enjoy while you breeze through your degree!

The Crossing Apartments



Where’s your favorite place to study?

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Gameday Prep Tips for UF Football in Gainesville!

‘Tis the season for Gator Gameday here in the Swamp, and we want you to be prepped for the season whether you are sitting in a seat at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, kicking back at a tailgate right outside of the roaring stadium or relaxing in your own apartment in Gainesville, we’re here for you!

Tailgating and celebrating our beloved University of Florida Gator Football Team is a very important pastime here in the Swamp, but do you know how to stay on your A-Game to ensure a successful game day?

Check out our tips for an A+ Gator Gameday!


    • Get up early!!: Today is not the day to be sleeping in because while you’re sleeping, all of the great tailgating spots are being snagged up! If you’re thinking of tailgating or enjoying the game around town, the early bird truly gets the worm.


    • Prepare to take an uber or walk: NO drinking & driving! Keep yourself and your friend’s safe by planning ahead and taking an uber to the game, or walking from your apartment in Gainesville if you are close to the stadium.  Be careful walking, use the street signs and be aware of your surroundings!


    • EAT!: Often times, we get so excited to toss back some beers with our crew, we may bypass a meal or two as we celebrate.  NOPE!  If you’re planning on having a few drinks to celebrate UF and all its glory, be sure that you have taken care of your hunger by indulging in more than chips & salsa.


    • Choose your perfect outfit!: We all know that although the football game is key, looking the part has everything to do with how you’re representing your Gator spirit! Whether you’re a lover of UF stickers planted upon your lovely face, University of Florida Polos, or the perfect pair of Boots to match your Orange & Blue sundress, show your Gator pride in style! Gainesville has tons of places to grab gameday gear in the perfect shades, prepare your perfect Gator look in your own style!


    • Leave that bag at home!: Often times, sports fans may forget the rules of the SEC regarding unapproved bags and are left running back to their car, or deciding what to do with their belongings once they hit the gate. Bypass that stress by purchasing or creating your own perfect SEC-Stadium approved bags that ensure the safety of all!


    • Drink Responsibly: It can be easy to get carried away when you’re enjoying sports, prepare yourself to practice pacing your drinks AND staying hydrated along with adhering to Tip #3.  With drinking comes great responsibility and we want to ensure the safety of you, along with our fellow Gators so remember – this is a football game, not a drinking contest! Open containers and being drunk in public can all result in a tough loss for you even if the Gators take home the win, so be mindful!


We are wishing all of our fellow Gators a happy, fun and safe football season!


What are your Gator Gameday rules?

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